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he acts very well......................................i hope to see you soon in japan tamaki-san......

He is a multi talented actor yet can sing better..i love him as chiaki senpai in nodame cantabile so funny when juri and him are together even i always dreaming that they will be together in a real life.cute..mukya i love tamaki so bad!! it was great but he looks too thin he should gain more weight i think.


There is finally a straight up light and comedic romance C-drama on the horizon and this one looks absolutely fantastic.

The drama is based on a C-novella called 杉杉来吃 (Shan Shan Lai Chi meaning Shan Shan Come Eat) by writer Gu Man, who is most famous for the C-novel 何以笙箫默 (He Yi Sheng Xiao Mo) which is being adapted into the C-drama with Wallace Chung and Tang Yan.

it's a good thing because he become my fav actor and the bad thing is i found out about him when my final exam are coming.. T how can i survive for my final if i'm falling in love with him T-T "the shoujo prince" kyahh? he is truly an amazing actor, from playing the role of a detective(death note), musician(your lie in april), bad boy(wolf girl and black prince), mr. As soon as you say that, nobody can take you seriously. For the sake of his acting career, he definitely needs to learn acting more and pursue variety roles that require more expression.

famous(L-DK), up to an innocent and kind guy(orange), and many more. you (and sota) are doing amazing job to all otaku out there hehe...thank you for making all the 2D prince into a live version ^^ OMG I LOVE YOU KENTO FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART, and you know, i fall in love tou you since your debut in 2010 in your first movie, i like your smile, :*** and i think your acting better than sota, :not hat sota, but you are my new fav actor kyaaaa , please make a billion movie and drama so i can watch you all over again :*** Sota Fukushi is superb with his expressions and acting? If you were indeed serious, you should learn more about acting before advise others what to do. I've been watching him since Death Note and I'm thrilled with his role as L but after that I feel like he lost his ability on acting. I really hope he could do more than just those roles.

he played these different roles very well and I'm looking forward for his new movies Yamaken really matched live action well. Sometimes his serious act is awkward but the rest is uncchhh ? The most killing part of him is when he's smiling, it race out the maternal feeling tho kekeke. i admire 50% of kento's choice because i am the fans of all the sensei's work. Being L should be a great breakthrough for his career actually but he (or maybe his agency as well) didn't use that chance very well.

How abt next project is detective conan live act....fufuu Does Japan have a shortage on young actors or something? why does he have to have so many school-based rom-com movies?? Use those comments as a motivation for every work you do okey? wow, can't believe that a lot of negative comment on kento chan page. He's young and he has potential beside his coldly handsome looks.