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You want to break the skill – whether it’s playing guitar, learning a new language or even dating – into its core components.

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[Laughter] The female tennis, I hate what people say about it. If you're having sex with a woman and she is going oh!

I thought we should talk about the major sporting event that is on at the moment, Wimbledon.

I get messages we do not appreciate the way you're conducting yourself. The reason genuinely I was fired from this game, the microphone is always on, anytime I swore in real life, the XBox registered that, fired me in the game.

So I went online to find out if it was a bug in the game.

Then the college women realized that the researchers weren’t really asking for their opinions about promiscuous women.

They were asking for their thoughts about “sluts”—a campus stigma that had almost nothing to do with students’ real sexual experiences, but everything to do with their social class. As the sociologists got to know these women, they watched as they stratified into what they defined as “high status” and “low status” social groups, with high-status women typically emerging from affluent homes around the country and rising through the Greek system, and low-status ones coming from local middle- and working-class backgrounds and coalescing into friend groups boxed out of sorority life.

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The higher-class women defined “respectable femininity” as a “polite, accommodating, demure style often performed by the white middle class,” what one woman described as “the preppy, classy, good girl.” These were women with “parent-funded credit cards” who wore “expensive MAC-brand purple eye shadow” instead of drugstore brands and—instead of working jobs—“had time to go tanning, get their hair done, do their nails, shop, and keep up with fashion trends.” They set arbitrary rules for party behavior (it’s OK for a woman to wear a short skirt, but only if she doesn’t dance suggestively in it, and that rule is suspended on Halloween).

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Another group of students dismissed a woman as a slut who was having ‘‘sex with a different guy every single night and every single weekend’’—a dubious claim that nevertheless allowed them to continue to engage in frequent hookups without earning the designation themselves.

One high-status woman told researchers, ‘‘I think when people have sex with a lot of guys that aren’t their boyfriends that’s really a slut,” but she couldn’t define "a lot." Still, the researchers found, women “were convinced that actual sluts existed and organized their behaviors to avoid this label”—it’s just that the system was more about policing women’s looks, fashion, and conversational styles than criticizing the notches on their bedposts.