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The YGM-4 Studio-Mate is basically a YGM-3 Guitar-Mate with 4x8 speakers. It has two 6BQ5 (EL84) power tubes, with five 12AX7s.Other features include a 60's style Tremolo and a great reverb tank.

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I have read alot about the amp but cannot find anything about the speakers as I do not have a model number. I am sure that I used these same speakers when I was DJ'ing in the 80's but damned if I can remember what they were rated for. I will be coming up on Monday morning to check them out. :-) L&M would be the best place to get them identified for sure.

(shown with black classic grille) More info V-4B The Ampeg V-4B 100W All-Tube Bass Head is a remarkable reissue of the legendary 1971 original, delivering the pure tube tone and unmistakable grind that earned the classic a place in bass history.

Hello my fellow eh Macians, I am in the process of purchasing a system to use for a start up band for a church.

Does anyone recognize these Vintage Traynor speakers? Worst case they can pop them open and tell you at least what the components can handle power wise. Mike For your usage as long as they don't sound too rough they would likely work out pretty well for you.

Just guessing but they are probably 8ohm and around 250-300 watts RMS for the power handling, maybe a bit less. It is an offer that is so good that I can't pass it up, barring them sounding like they have been overdriven/blown. Mike Hi again folks, For anyone who replied or has an interest, we identified the speakers. The numeric part of the code represents 1x15" speaker and the H represents a horn. They might be a bit underpowered depending on the size of the room but bang for the buck they would be hard to beat and if you're not running lots of really low end you can probably push them a bit and not worry about it too much.