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Whos dating reese witherspoon

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"They went on several dates." But in the end, Jim was looking for commitment and Courtney wasn't."Jim made it very clear he was done dating around and was ready for marriage and a family -- he was 38 and ready to settle down," the pal says.

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She met Ryan before the set, but shortly after they filmed, the couple married in 1999. The 40-year old actor had nothing but lovely things to say about his ex-wife.pads out a bit of story that we might have missed in the teaser trailer, but the gist holds over: Reese Witherspoon plays a recently separated mother dating – and maybe finding love with – a much younger man. When he (Pico Alexander) offers to buy her a drink, he gets carded by the bartender.No worries, though, he passes at least that initial test.“He used to be such a player, but he’s treating her like gold.He’ll do anything for Reese,” a friend of Toth’s noted.Paparazzi shots of Stewart and Sanders together appeared last week.